Health and Wellness

Keeping a healthy hedgehog pet should be a piece of cake now that you’ve read our hedgehog Health and Wellness articles. Keep all plans moderated and see your pet in its best shape in years.


Daily Play and Exercise

Now to the fun part of hedgehog care: Playtime! If you get your hedgehog on a regular schedule, you’ll likely find him waiting for you at the cage door when playtime comes around. The nature of your play is going to depend a lot on the interests and personality of your particular animal, but in every case variety is key.

Hedgehogs are intelligent and inquisitive animals that enjoy exploring new things.

List of Harmful Foods for Hedgehogs

It never happened before but today was different. There was no usual movement of spikes in the cage, some raisins left uneaten, and Prickles, the hedgehog, was lying on its back. You touched it and there was no response. You poked it again, but the same reaction came. Your heart raced. Prickles was dead.

And that was the end of the dream.