Hedgehog Bedding

Before buying a hedgehog you must consider what kind of bedding to be used.

There are loads of choices on advertisers nowadays that is why you must choose carefully when it comes to bedding.

When bedding for your hedgehog the first thing to consider is if it has the safest bedding. It doesn’t mean it is the right or the safest bedding because it is on the market.

Avoid Pine Chips, Aspen is the Right Choice

First thing is you should avoid pine chips and shavings as bedding materials for your hedgehog because it can cause death for hedgehogs. Pine consists of Abietic Acid that can cause upper respiratory problems. Aspen is the right choice when it comes on wood chips because it is neater compared to shavings.

There are some hedgehogs that are sensitive to Aspen that is why some people choose corn cob for the hedgehogs bedding. It is not as comfortable as wood bedding but it is safer but it can cause health problem for your hedgehog because it easily gets rotten.

Paper Bedding

Another good choice is paper bedding like frazzle newspaper and commercial paper. Newspapers with color prints are unhealthy and can fatal your hedgehog. Just use a newspaper that has only black and white prints.

Fabric Cage

Fabric cage liners have the benefit of being easy to change. It is inexpensive, reusable and less messy. You must consider of dark color fabric if you don’t want urine stains to be too obvious. It will make stain less noticeable.

Commercial Products

There are lots of products out there sold commercially like pelleted wood bedding, aspen pellets, pelleted newspaper products, care fresh fluffy paper products, Cell-sorb plus, Airlite Critter Chips, Pelleted straw or Wheat Grass and a lot more. Most of them are recommended to be use by hedgehogs and its up to you as long as your pet is comfortable with.


No matter what kind of bedding that you choose, the important thing is how your hedgehog uses the bedding. Your hedgehog will use it to make a nest, he will walk on the bedding and play on the bedding, and of course sleep on the bedding. If you want for your hedgehog to be satisfied, safe and healthy, the bedding you will decide on will show a big impact on your hedgehogs.